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Good news about the development of Star Trek Online and hope for game play.

Episodes within Star Trek: Online are meant to let the player feel as if they’re playing an episode of Star Trek itself. The writers and developers of the game went though over seven hundred Star Trek television episodes before sitting down and writing their own for the game.

First, I like that they are calling missions episodes.  That is very inspiring.  Secondly, requiring the writers and developers to watch and be familiar with the shows is a big plus too but did they get the spirit of the show?

Included in the episodes are themes, dialog and dramatic moments, all designed to “look, feel and play like Star Trek."

I really like that they are going to set up the game play more like an episode of Star Trek.  What they have to say about the use of drama and including 3 "seasons" each containing 14 episodes of play at the start is inspiring.  I still have some questions though.

  • Will each episode include in some moral, ethical question or social exploration of the human condition that was at the heart of all Star Trek?

  • Will the missions assignment have some means of randomness or include in random missions so that the game does not come across as playing through a linear storyline?

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