Looking Forward At Sanctuary Season 2


What we can expect from season two of Sanctuary:

  • Things are in disarray:  The characters are just trying to figure out "How do we move on from here and keep things together?"

  • We are going to learn more about Will and his history.

  • A growing romance between Will and Clara.  Look at Trailer #2

The Darkness in Season two

  • The Cabal is out there and now has a new recruit Ashley... maybe

  • Find out what is happening to Ashley.  Is she infiltrating the Cabal or has she succumbed to her fathers mental illness and gone psycho killer.

  • Particularly for Will:  “There's definitely more of a darkness to Will, and he's kind of wrestling with some demons. That's going to be further explored, so what's happening in the present is going to clash with some of the things he's buried.”

Something New

  • Kate Freelander is introduced as a new member of the Sanctuary after falling out of favor with the Cabal.

  • See the Tokyo Sanctuary!  “There's going to be some major global problems with some of the other sanctuaries.”

While waiting for season 2 to start watch season one of Sanctuary streaming online here.