A Nightmare on Elm Street Re-Imagined Trailer

A trailer is out for the re-imagining of A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Watch the trailer above.

Freddy Krueger, played by Robert Englund. The ...
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I think doing a re-imagining and naming it with the same name of the original is stupid.

  1. It causes confusion.  Two versions of a movie with the same name makes it hard to keep them separate.

  2. It's an act of weakness.  If you're re-imagining is so brilliant shouldn't it have its own name and stand on its own popularity.

  3. Big Red Flag.  When a movie project has to ride on the name of an earlier project it's a warning sign for me that the project will probably be worse than their predecessor.  If the studio thinks that the movie needs that kind of crutch then what hope should I have for the project?

That aside the trailer does look good.  The beginning is strong showing when Freddy was burnt by the angry parents.  I'm not too thrilled of Freddy's face but the gloves look nice.

Being a big fan of the original I like the idea of bringing a Nightmare on Elm Street back into the public discourse I just hope this does justice to the original.

Release date for April 30th 2010.

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