Smallville's Temptation with Michael Shanks

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Smallville has really stepped up it's attempts this year to try and get me to watch.  Adding Michael Shanks to the show is a good step in the right direction but their online player is still a big strike against all of their shows.

To date I haven't given in to watching Smallville because it mainly featured Superman who is alright yet low on my top DC superhero list.  This season brings in the promise of the Justice Society which adds cool superheros like Hawkman into the mix.

On top of that though they cast Michael Shanks to play as Hawkman!!!  I really liked Shanks performance as Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1 and I look forward to seeing his guest appearance in Sanctuary this season.

Other Justice Society members to appear will be Doctor Fate (Brent Stait) and Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore).

Normally this would be more then enough to get me to check out Smallville again but the WB left a hurdle in the way working against themselves.

WB, get your act together if you want me to watch your shows.  Your poor player makes me hate anything streaming on it.  I have to really want to watch a show to be willing to put up with annoying players.  So much that even though I love Star Wars their annoying player has kept me from really watching and talking about their show this year.

WB, you started to work with Hulu why did you stop half way through?  Their player is enjoyable, works, and gets good add revenues.  You should have at least fixed up your player before giving me the bait and switch.

Hopefully by January the WB can fix their obsticale to enjoying their shows.  That is when the episode "Society" will air.

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