Legend of the Seeker Cara in Season 2

Legend of the Seeker season one last few episodes introduced us to Cara, a Mord'Sith. We get more about her character from an interview video with the actress of Cara, Tabrett Bethell. Watch the video above.

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I like how the video shows clips of the conflict that we will get to see early on in season two with the split in the Sisters of the Agiel. She will team up with the Seeker, Confessor, and Zed as they try to close the tear in the veil.

They are also planning on playing off of Cara's use of her sexuality and the tension that will create between Richard and Kahlen. This should be a lot of fun since Kahlen can't give Richard everything he wants from their relationship for fear of taking Richard's soul, aka confessing him. Cara on the other hand can give Richard everything he wants from a relationship and has already attempted to tempt him in the past.

Cara's journey will be a humanizing one. This is really promising and could help to further the myth of the redemption of the goddess. I can't wait for season 2 to start up on November 7th.

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