Review- Sonic Boom by Kiss

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It took me a little while to figure out what I thought about the new Kiss album Sonic Boom for one major reason:

Fan Blindness

I am a huge Kiss fan.  My sister started listening to them the year before I was born.  Their music quite literally is the soundtrack of my life.  They were the first band I ever saw in concert.

I rushed out and bought the album right away, and listened to it all the way through.  First impressions can be misleading, but I really enjoyed it.


Kiss returned to their roots with this one.  A 3 disc set: Sonic Boom (New Album), Kissology (Greatest Hits), Concert DVD.  The cover is an homage to Rock and Roll Over, and in a lot of ways, so is the music.  Sonic Boom feels like an album that has been a part of the catalogue for a long time.  Fans of the band and this style of classic rock will love it.  The usual suspects will not.

Paul wrote 9 out of the 11 tracks in whole or in part, as opposed to:

  • Gene: 6/11

  • Tommy: 3/11

  • Eric: 0/11

Paul's influence on Sonic boom is easy to see, but it's definitely a Kiss album, and not like Paul's solo work.  The one thing that could have made this album better is if Gene spent more time on his song writing and performance and less time promoting himself.  He sounds distracted, and his songs feel incomplete, especially "Hot and Cold".

The Return of Kiss

The songs revolve around staples in the Kiss catalogue:

  • Loving who you are

  • Standing up for what you believe in

  • Keeping your head up no matter what

  • Sex (in a less direct way): "Danger Us" and "I'm an Animal"

Sonic Boom is a great Kiss album, and will be remembered as a high point for the band.

Straight on Rock:  Sonic Boom returns us to the world of Rock music.  Fun, moving, and inspirational.

Oh, Gene: Gene's songs are usually among my favorites, but on this one, it really feels like he phoned it in.

Best Tracks:

  1. Stand

  2. Modern Day Delilah

  3. All For the Glory

Track List- Sonic Boom

  1. "Modern Day Delilah"
    Fun song.  Paul brought his A Game to it!

  2. "Russian Roulette"
    This is probably the best song Gene sings on the Album

  3. "Never Enough"
    The music in this song reminds me a little of Poison's Nothing but a Good Time.  Fun, pick me up song from Paul!

  4. "Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect)"
    This is probably the best song Gene wrote on the album

  5. "Stand"
    I cannot hear this song without smiling.

  6. "Hot and Cold"
    This is probably the only song on the Album I might suggest you skip.  The lyrics are a little too goofy, and their delivery is off.  Tommy's guitar work is the best thing on the track.

  7. "All For the Glory"
    Eric blew me away with his vocal work on this one.  The repeated chorus makes this a new anthem I will gladly throw my fist in the air and sing along to!

  8. "Danger Us"

  9. "I'm an Animal"
    Gene... focus on the band again please.

  10. "When Lightning Strikes"
    Tommy's first song.  He channels the Space Ace on this one.

  11. "Say Yeah"
    This song is my 4th favorite Track.

Track List- Kissology

Previously released exclusively for Japan as Jigoku-Retsuden

  1. "Deuce"
    Tommy nails the guitar, and Paul adds an little twist on the riff that brings this song to new heights.

  2. "Detroit Rock City"
    Eric's drumming, WOW, this song has a vitality about it it never had before.

  3. "Shout it Out Loud"
    Probably the only disappointing Track on the album, but for a weird reason.  It is too well done.  They sing the chorus...  It's shout it out loud, not sing it out loud!

  4. "Hotter Than Hell"
    I really like the distortion on Paul's voice

  5. "Calling Dr. Love"
    Well done

  6. "Love Gun"

  7. "I Was Made For Lovin' You"
    So much better than the original!

  8. "Heaven's on Fire"

  9. "Lick It Up"

  10. "I Love It Loud"
    I don't think I have ever heard a version of this song I didn't love

  11. "Forever"
    One of the best love songs ever recorded

  12. "Christine Sixteen"

  13. "Do You Love Me"

  14. "Black Diamond"

  15. "Rock and Roll All Nite"

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