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LG Electronics will start selling high-definition TV sets that stream Netflix videos directly from the Internet, without an additional device.

This is great news for several reason!

Less devices to have hooked up in my entertainment center.

I am overjoyed that LG Electronics is making it easier to stream internet content directly to a TV.   My entertainment center has so many devices, wires, plugs, and switchers that I can not hook up another device.  I finally got fed-up with having to switch between devices and buying new switchers and having to sort through wires and plugs that I had to draw a line in the sand deciding there needed to be a simpler process.  Why can’t I have my streaming shows, DVD’s, and video game consoles fed through just a few devices.  Thank you LG Electronics, hopefully this will begin a trend for other TV designers.  Thank you Netflix for offering options to your customers and not forcing us into another single purpose device.

Making it easier for people to Decable

With Netflix and LG making it easier for the mainstream market to stream content through the internet more people will realize the joy of breaking free from appointment content.  For many years I have worked irregular schedules which forced me to miss all of the appointment content provided through cable.  Because of that I had to  find alternative means to get that content.  I have been an advocate of the process of breaking free of appointment TV for almost a decade now I just didn’t have a name for it.    Now thanks to Jeff over at Command N I have a term for the process which is to Decable.

(via Fandango: Entertainment News)

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