A Closer look at G.I. Joe Movie Posters

The G.I. Joe Character Movie Posters are out and I was… shocked, appalled, and saddened.  Where to start…

Snake_Eyes BaronessRipcord

Their Eyes and most of their heads are missing!
This deeply disturbs me, great for horror film but not so good in anything else.  It removes any individuality and only serves to dehumanize the characters.

These posters scream out:

  • I’m action

  • I’m mysterious

  • Take me serious

This saddens me deeply.  I expect G.I. Joe to be

  • Action

  • Fun

  • Cheesy

  • Action (for emphasis, the cartoon had so much shooting and awesome explosions.)

I would take time to critique the numerous problems with the various costumes but the most important fact:  this will not be like the G.I. Joe we remember and love.

With that, I have little hope for this movie to be good and bad advertising posters with decapitated images only serve to reminded me of that.

For those not familiar with G.I. Joe here are some images to help.

gi_joe_storm_shadow gi_Joe_Snake-Eyes

gi_joe_1 gi_joe_2

Why do all of the costumes look like something out of The Matrix, Blade, or Underworld?  G.I Joe is supposed to have color in it!

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