Review: Underworld: Evolution

underworld-evolution Review ofUnderworld: Evolution

Overall Rating: 10 Renter

Underworld: Evolution picks up just after the events in Underworld and explores the story of the Corvinus family.  This film is more of a horror vampire film with grittier, gorier elements and lots of thrilling moments that will make you jump in your seat.

You are probably asking why did this film get a 10 and a Renter rating?  This was done because the film was perfect thus getting a 10 but not for everyone.  People either love this movie or hate it so we recommend renting it.  Part of the dislike  is due to the fact that this sequel is different at a core level from it’s predecessor Underworld.  Underworld was a vampire action film where as Underworld: Evolution was a vampire horror film.

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In Defense of Underworld: Evolution


  1. It was a brilliant follow-up to Underworld

  2. They maintain the wonderful look and feel that was established in the first film.

  3. Transformation look really good

  4. The most thrilling use of a propeller

  5. The combat is more believable full of blood and guts.

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. none, it was awesome!

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