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underworld Review of:  Underworld

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Underworld is an amazing vampire tale and a sublime experience of the ideals of the vampire world.  Watching Underworld will: peek your interest, lure you in, seduce you, and infect your mind with it’s deep, rich setting.  It left me wishing the night would never end.

The visuals were stunning.  The filming technique, setting and style all helped to lend to the immaculate reality that was established from the beginning and carried out through the end of the film.  This was even maintained through the transformation of human into Werewolf which is a difficult feat to pull off in film and they nailed it.

Underneath the city streets, amid the labyrinth of subway tunnels and gothic ruins, the Vampires and the Warewolfs are embroiled in an all-out war that has been going on for centuries.  Selene,  a beautiful vampire who hunts the werewolf’s discover that they are hunting a human Michael but they want him for none of the usual reasons.  Will Selene be able to figure out Michael’s secret in time to stop the events that have been put into motion?


  1. Lycan transformations looked cool

  2. The anti vampire tech: UV bullets

  3. The anti Lycan tech: silver nitrate bullets

  4. The use of mood, mystery & suspense to meld the thriller aspects and action aspects together.

  5. Visually stunning

  6. Maintain Immaculate

  7. The look and feel of both the werewolf's and vampires

  8. underworld-1-2They really represent the power of both the Werewolf's, vampires and especially the elder vampires

  9. The scene where he pushed the bullets out of himself.

  10. The flashback scenes were done really well with a neat effect that gave them a dream like feel

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. None :) it’s that awesome!

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