Dance In The Vampire Bund Vol. #1 by Nozomu Tamaki

A 17-year-old werewolf with strong will is promised as a guardian and servant to a little princess vampire.  In exchange for paying off the entire national debt of Japan, the princess has come to claim a special district for vampires off the coast called the Vampire Bund.  This district is completely sealed off from the mortals and Princess Mina has assured the people of Japan that no mortals will be harmed.   There are several assassination attempts which werewolf boy protects Princess Mina from.

I’m not sure if this book is meant to fulfill young boy's fantasies or if it is soft-core kiddy porn.  The princess, who is supposedly a pre-teen girl has several nude scenes.  At the end, a full grown woman shows up nude in the werewolf’s room and kisses him.  Is the mystery make out girl the princess who can change forms or someone else?  I don’t think horny young boy readers care.vampbund

Despite the racy undertones, this manga has a good, well thought out story line. There are several cool vampire scenes.  One being when a blimp flies over the vamp district pouring blood down on the masses reminiscent of the vampire club in Blade. The art is not elaborate goth loli curls and ruffles, but rather a simple style that is more realistic.  The back cover art is in pinup girl style.

An interesting scene is when werewolf boy finds Mina playing with children in the Vampire Bund. They seem innocent and human. Mina explains that they are a particular type of vampire called “fang-less”. They are vampires who have pulled their own fangs and refuse to drink human blood. They regret becoming vamps and try not to lose their human spirit. They use to be persecuted by humans and vamps, but now they can live peacefully in the Vampire Bund. I thought it was interesting to see many different types of vampires living in the same district.

A warning: Although this is rated older teen 16+, there are several graphic vampire scenes and nudity.  Despite the young looking cover, you may want to take a look inside before handing it over to a teens.

Dance In Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 1 (v. 1) is available at Amazon.

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