Reviewing Stargate Continuum

Review of:  Stargate: Continuum

Overall Rating: 7.5

Stargate: Continuum was a fun but not great movie.  Fans of Stargate will love the opportunity to play once again in the setting.  We get to see both the old and new SG-1 in action and even together.  The pace was ok but the story was overly formulaic.  Since the story was dealing with an alternate timeline they had the advantage to explore characters and setting elements that were already resolved in a new manner.  This was one of the things that originally excited me about the idea of this movie.  Unfortunately they take little time before abusing this liberty to the degree that I no longer cared.  It's sad to think, that even knowing that they could and would change things, at first I was pleasantly surprised only to grow board and uncaring by the end.  I'm kind of disappointed with this movie since Stargate: The Ark of Truth was so good and this one so meh.  All of that said it was still a fun movie and worth watching especially for fans of Stargate.  If you are not a fan than please do yourself a favor and start with the Directors Cut of the Original Move or Stargate Season One.

get your copy of Stargate here and help to support the project Plot / Story:  SG1 including General Jack O'Neill go to watch the extraction ceremony for Ba'al the last of the Goa'uld system lords.  During the ceremony Ba'al warns them that attempting his execution will activate his failsafe plan.  Then people start to disappear including Vala & Teal'c.  The remaning SG1 team runs for the stargate and ends up in the alternate timeline where Ba'al has successfully prevented the Stargate from reaching the U.S. Military.


  1. The Idea that Ba’al would have a contingency plan and what it was.

  2. getting to watch the bombardment of earth.

  3. Watching Vala do what she does.

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. Very formulaic.

  2. With being an alternate time line it lost some of it's tension this was reinforced with the willy nilly manner they go about killing off main characters.  It was a shock at first but then it got old quickly and it lost it's punch.

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