Twilight, a book to read or not to read

twilight I have been soliciting opinions about Twilight by Stephanie Meyers through our Project: Shadow Informant Podcast.  I have been teetering between reading it or not reading it.  After putting the question before a round table of friends recently, I had decided not to read the book out of fear that it would be a waste of my time and that I would probably not like it.

Whether it is fair or not, I put a lot of weight on the opinions of other writers, especially when I like their work.

On that note, Emerian Rich wrote

Hiya Eric--

This is to you and anyone else who hasn't read Twilight yet. I felt the same way. Many of my fans wanted and begged me to read Twilight about six months ago. I put it off... feigned busy-ness... cleaned the fridge... anything I could do to ignore it.

Then one day I was ready to record my podcast and suddenly our power went out. AND IT WAS OUT FOR 12 HOURS!

So, I decided to pick up Twilight, flashlight in hand. It started slow... and then, I was caught up in the magic that is Edward Cullen and his family. I read the next 2 books in one week. It's one of those books that you want to read so badly that you find yourself skimming the pages because you want to know what's going to happen next... but then you have to go back and re-read the page because you realize you read it too fast and didn't catch what happened. It’s one of those books that kinda pisses me off because I want to finish it so badly that I put off things I SHOULD be doing. Needless to say, I’m glad I’m ¾ done with the last one because it’s been eating up my time! I didn’t expect to like it so much. All that being said, let me state my disclosure.

This book series is written mostly from a girl’s point of view and may not appeal to men. Although some scenes in the 2nd & 3rd book are freakin’ awesome (like the fights between vamps & werewolves), some men may not give it that much of a chance to reach those scenes. I’m not sure if Edward’s sexual magnetism will translate to men who like men? I would think so, but you never know. He’s got that thing… that “Darcy” thing where you think he hates her, but he’s really overcome by passion for her to the point of making it difficult to “control himself”. She begs him to let go in future books… but does not get her wish until book 4. Also, Jacob (the werewolf) is almost addictive and I even found myself hoping Edward would leave for good, so that Jacob’s hot-blooded werewolf body would get used as it was supposed to be. Excuse me… did I say that?

Anyway—As always, please judge the book separate from the movie & trailers. I don’t mind the actors/actresses for Twilight, but I feel they are doing a film that is much more YA than the book reads. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I get this feeling from the trailers. They could have gone older and darker than they did. They could have stayed young but had a more “Blood & Chocolate” feel. I hate to be one of those people who say someone’s trying to ride on the Harry Potter coat tails, but this movie seems like the studio is trying to do that. That doesn’t mean I won’t go see the film, start a blog, and name my 2nd child after the stars, becoming completely fangirl.

There’s my take on Twilight.

I’m curious on your take. Was I tricked by my girly adolescent dreams of having the prefect indestructible boyfriend who protects me at all costs, lays next to me in bed all night and can hear my dad coming so he will disappear suddenly? Or, is it really all that?

Give Twilight A Chance. - Project: Shadow HQ.

Well, the trailer looks interesting and I hate seeing a movie that I have not read the book upon which it is based.  I love vampire books, and after my deep disappointment with the last books I tried to read that was not in a series I was already familiar with, I am a bit nervous about trying out a new book.  (my wounds have not healed from the literary wounds yet)

My biggest concern was that the book was a kiddie vampire novel.  As a fan of Emerian’s Night’s Knights, I will take her word that it is not.  The others that I asked condemned the book for its lack of originality in its setting and story, but I am not aware of an original vampire novel beyond Christopher Golden’s Shadow Chronicles.

On Emerian’s review, I have decided to read the book and give it a try.  What are you going to do, and if you have already read the book leave a polite comment here on in the forum.