Matt Hanson Responds to Conserns about The Unfold

Thanks for your post, very considered and raises some good points.

One of them is about 'groupthink' and a 'focus grouped' film -- well I am really positive about this actually and have a completely different spin: I think too many films nowadays are 'generic', genre based to appeal to international demographics -- and I would much rather have a 'groupthink'-inspired film influenced by members who all have a common purpose of creating an artistically interesting and challenging film on a primary level, than one driven by marketing demands.

If this means it appeals to less audience then I'm happy about this because it is an artistically-driven rather than commercially-driven process -- and part of our process of remixing cinema, is reclaiming the seventh art for this very purpose.

Rant over ;)

Finally, yes many flaws in process - but this is a giant experiment and we are deliberately testing lots of approaches to see what works best for this process, and is the most fun and useful...

Matt - Creator, A Swarm of Angels

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I am encouraged by Matt's response, and I wish A Swarm of Angels good luck with their project.

To be clear about my hopes and fears about distributed film making. I would love to see a viable model succeed. The glory of the internet is that it allows strangers to collaborate on projects that no individual could accomplish on their own.

My biggest concern is that we have yet to see a finished product from any of the proposed systems.

I have always wanted to make a film and have been watching these models closely, hoping to see one that I could use to make one of my films.

Good luck Matt, I enjoyed the trailer, and I cannot wait to see The Unfold.