Looking at vamp's from their gooey inside

Vampires from a core essence perspective are:

  • cursed with a hunger or desire that is difficult at best to satisfy

  • must feed off of life

  • have powers beyond those typical of the group they came from

  • evoke a sensuality / sexuality / eroticism

  • are fairly invulnerable with a juxtaposition of a major weakness.

dem bones dsem vampire bones By Robin HuttonWith that essence in mind one could create vampire like character in any story or setting and give them a fresh new light.

One example that I love is in Shine Like Thunder.  C. E. Dorsett created the Bhuta's which are vampire like characters but set in space where they meet all of the elements but take on a whole new light.

Can you think of other examples of nontraditional vampires, like our modern day golddigger character?

(Photo by Robin Hutton)