MTV Fanboy Reality Series...

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Are you obsessed with comic books, anime, fantasy, or manga? Do you like to dress up as your favorite character and attend conventions with other fans? Have you ever waited in line overnight for a book, movie, or videogame release? Do you have tattoos depicting your favorite brand or characters? Have you ever missed work, school, or other important events to engage in role-playing or cosplay? Are you misunderstood by your family or significant other because of it? Do you aspire to author your own graphic novel or comic series despite your parents' disapproval?

If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 28, and want to share the story of your fantasy obsession, email us at with all of the details.

Well, the jig is up. MTV have set their sights on the fanboy and the cosplayer for their new "reality" series, True Life.

This is either a really good thing, or horrifyingly bad. It could be a good thing if MTV fairly and accurately portrays fans as people like anyone else who participate in an alternative counterculture where it is acceptable and encouraged to take on other personae as a way of self expression.

What am I saying? This is the network that turned hard edged goths into lilting emos... ugh, this is not a good thing.