Cthulhu Raises In Select Theaters

I am struck with both excitement and trepidation.  H.P. Lovecraft wrote some amazing Supernatural Horror.  There are some past attempts to translate some of his stories onto the big screen some worked and other has not.  After watching the trailer I had much higher hopes.  It looks good and spooky.  Unfortunately the release is limited so that means that I will have to wait because my odds of finding the silver key is probably better than having a screening near me.



Watch The Trailer in the P:S HQ

Release Date:   schedule  (via The Official Site)

8/22 Hollywood, CA: Regent Showcase 614 N. La Brea
8/29 Atlanta, GA: at DragonCon
9/ 03 Austin, TX: at G&L International FF
9/12 Atlanta, GA: Plaza Theater 1049 Ponce De Leon NE
9/26 Denver, CO: Starz FilmCenter 900 Auraria Parkway

Listed as:  Drama, Suspense, Horror,

Studio: Regent Releasing

Director: Daniel Gildark

Produced by: Jeffrey Brown, Anne Rosellini

Written by: Grant Cogswell, Dan Gildark, H. P. Lovecraft

Stars: Cara Buono - Dannie, Jason Cottle - Russ, Richard Garfield - Zadok, Ian Geoghegan - Ralph, Scott Green - Mike, Dennis Kleinsmith - Reverend Marsh, Amy Minderhout - Julie, Robert Padilla - Ancestor, Tori Spelling - Susan, Nancy Stark - Aunt Josie, Hunter Stroud - Teen Russ, Rob Hamm - Jake

The Plot / Story:

History professor Russ is called upon by his sister to execute their late mother's estate, he is reunited with his boyhood chum and with his father, the charismatic leader of a New Age cult.  While exploring his memories, Russ wanders into a warehouse where hundreds of names are listed on the walls.  As he sleeps that night, he dreams of a stone cudgel and awakens to find a cudgel in his motel room.

The Town Drunk Warns Russ that it is an instrument of sacrifice, and a young liquor store clerk enlists him to help find her brother, who she believes has been taken by the cult.  Russ' aunt, who has been living in an asylum, tells him that his mother left a message hidden in her house.

Looking for answers in the warehouse, Russ is taken on an unbelievable journey through the small town's ancient, subterranean origins.  When he escapes, he and Mike find the girl's brother murdered.  Russ begins to believe preparations are underway for a mass sacrifice, and engages the attentions of a sexy seductress in order to obtain information.  Raped and arrested for murder on the eve of the May Festival, the stakes are raised for Russ - maybe higher than the world has ever known.    (via The Official Site)

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