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Review of:  Hancock

Overall Rating: 8.5  B+

Hancock was a fun experience, it is a good film but not an excellent film.  The main problem with the movie is that it was pitched to me through the trailers and hype as a comedy / superhero film but instead I was surprised to see that Hancock is actually a drama.  This caused some initial problems after watching the film because at first I thought the pace was too slow but in reality it was the right pace for a drama / character movie.  I thought that the action and comedy was weak but then I remembered that the movie was a drama with some comedy and superheros in it.  I think that is the hardest part for people who will watch this film, remember it is a drama with comedy and superheros in it and then you can enjoy the film more.

The story had characters that I cared about, compelling villains, a fascinating premise and a compelling story line.  The problem is that mid way through the movie the surprise happens, the story takes a sharp left turn and the audience did not get any hints that it was coming.  This in turn breaks the immaculate reality and distracts from the experience.  It is a major writing flaw but a hard one to fix and I can understand why this movie had so much work done on it.

There has been some comments from other reviews taking offense at a scene when Hancock is in the house and calls some comic characters homo.  I did not find it offensive.  It is used in a manner and a time in the story that does not condone that kind of behavior.  Hancock's character at that point is offensive to many groups of people and is depicted as a deplorable character not one to be emulated.  Latter on in the film Hancock does not use those statements again.  I actually found it fascinating that this point plus other ideals about what a man is were the major character flaw in Hancock that he had to overcome to become a good person.

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  1. Fun Movie Experience

  2. Characters I care about

  3. acting well done

  4. story shows the development of a character very well

  5. The visuals were well done but not exceptional

  6. Has a great sense of humor

  7. A fascinating premise and story line

  8. The villains were compelling

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. It had a flawed story with suprises that jump out at you from no where and brake the immaculate reality

  2. poorly represented in advertisements so if someone watches it expecting a comedy / superhero movie they could be upset when they get a drama with some comedic moments and superheros in it.

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