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Overall Rating: 9.5

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The Scorpion King is the third of The Mummy movies and the best of the three movies.  It has great casting with Dwayne Johnson who looks like an accomplished assassin and has the skills to deliver action in a realistic looking manner, and Michael Clarke Duncan who also delivers the look and feel of the fierce warrior Balthazar.  The action is tight, swift, fierce, and stunning.  In this movie they drop the thriller element and go for a balance between action and comedy.  I really enjoyed the previous two mummy movies but this was the one that sealed the series for me and made the whole series a must own.

The Plot / Story: Memnon is a ferocious warrior who is conquering all of the tribes of ancient Egypt with the help of his sorceress Cassandra.  The best and strongest of the warriors from the tribes gathered to hire  Mathayus an Akkadian assassin to kill the sorceress making it possible to defeat Memnon.  But after Memnon kills Mathayus' brother the target changes and Mathayus will either Kill Memnon or die trying.

Starring:  Dwayne Johnson, Kelly Hu, Bernard Hill, Steven Brand, Michael Clarke Duncan, Grant Heslov


  1. Love the Sword and Sorcery style to the movie

  2. The action is awesome with fresh looking moves that Dwayne Johnson delivers in a realistic manner

  3. Creative fight sequences and environments

  4. carries a great sense of humor

  5. Great Casting

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. Concern: because this is a stylized movie if you don't get the style you probably won't get the movie.

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