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Review of:  X-Files: I want to believe

Overall Rating: 8

X-Files: I want to believe is a good crime drama / thriller / suspense movie.  It is well written.  The beginning sets up a suspenseful mood and tension.  This is carried with an appropriate pace for this type of film through to a textbook ending that was nice but not extraordinary.

The acting is well performed.  Billy Connolly Steals the show. David Duchovny is even able to deliver an emotional scene dead on with out a musical crutch or even conversation.  The supporting characters were flat but that was due more to writing then acting.

I did take personal offense at how minorities especially Gays and Catholics are portrayed in this film.  Though probably not consciously done this film lacks diversity.  The Caucasian characters are the good people.  The Russians, Gays, Catholics, and black characters are not good people.

Sorry for the minor spoiler but I liked the fact that there are no aliens in this film though I had to laugh at the people who complained about that after the show.  X-files is about unexplained occurrences which include aliens but not only about aliens.  That said this is a good X-Files movie because it does cover the unexplainable and really tackles it where either in the end you believe or not.  Best of all the movie does not tell you which side to take.  They actually have the guts to build up to an answer and then they roll credits, brilliant.

The Plot / Story: The X-Files: I want to Believe is set six years after the events of the the series.  Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anders) return to seek for the truth.  This is a stand-alone story in the tradition of the x-files.

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  1. Writing was technically perfect, unfortunately it lacked the boldness to bend any of the rules and allow the characters to be more natural.

  2. Acting was well done

  3. A good pace for a crime drama movie

get your copy of X-Files Series hereDislikes / Concerns

  1. Characters are a little stiff and some are very flat

  2. The lack of diversity

  3. The overt negative portrayal of Catholics

  4. The overt negative portrayal of Gays

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