The southern Raiders Get Raided

Watched Avatar - The Last Airbender Chapter 16 of Book three: The southern Raiders and I never cease to be amazed by this show.  I got my copy through Avatar: The Last Airbender - Avatar: The Last Airbender, Season 3 - The Southern Raiders.

In this episode they finally fill in the details on what happened to Katara's Mother.  Sokka is hilarious in this episode I love watching his expressions and his sense of humor.  I would love to see them do a special short "The adventures of Sokka and Momo."  I really enjoyed getting to see Katara in action and at her scariest.

The Southern Raiders tackles a very important question is revenge good?  This is the main drive of the episode and Katara has to make the choice.  The did a great job showing how ugly and corrupting revenge is and how it takes a stronger person to forgive.  The end made my skin crawl with just one question...

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