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Review of:  The Dark Knight, Why Two for One is not always a good thing.

Overall Rating: 8.0

The Dark Knight is a good movie, it would have been great but they tried to add the sequel onto the last twenty minutes of the movie.  I really enjoy a two for one sale but when it comes to The Dark Knight that is not the case.  The movie brought me to a perfect climax, just the right amount of tension and drama with all points satisfactorily concluded, then continued into a twenty minute poorly executed and rushed ending leaving me on a sour note.  It caused some scenes in the joker storyline to be rushed and couldn't even do justice to the Two-Face storyline

***** Spoiler Alert *****  If they would have ended the film just after Batman defeats the Joker and the Joker finishes with his monologue aka his finishing "joke" then show Two-Face flip a coin and as the screen goes black a gun shot, the Joker's laugh and roll credits.  That would have been the perfect ending.  Then they could have devoted the necessary amount of time to the Two-Face story instead of having to rush this one and not give us a sequel we would have liked to see.  ***** End of Spoiler Alert *****

The story is very compelling.  They play around with the ideas of insanity verses morality and the differences between a hero and a guardian.  In the Dark Knight they almost go to the preachy side but for me they fell just short.  Thankfully they address the problems with so many people knowing Batman's true identity.  It was something I really hated about the last movie and was happy they at least addressed it.

The Plot / Story: The second movie in the New Batman series.  A sociopath criminal known as the Joker has grown tired of Batman and the changing scene in Gotham city.  In the Joker’s ideal city the criminals ran everything and the police would not interrupt their fun.  Now that Batman has arrived the confidence of the police and especially new district attorney Harvey Dent is growing and in turn the city is getting cleaned up.  The Joker in turn leads a campaign of destruction to bring back his beautiful city and makes it personal against Batman.


  1. Heath Ledger's Joker was brilliant and terrifying!

  2. Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent / Two-Face was Awesome

  3. The Jokers creation monologue was brilliantly done and it keeps changing each time he tells it.

  4. The balcony scene with Batman and Mobster captured Batman so well.

Dislikes / Concerns

  1. Christian Bale's Batman voice was distracting

  2. The Bat Suit looked a little weird

  3. The helicopter shot was a fascinating idea that the visual effects were bad looking.

  4. Batman was more true to the spirit of Batman but they still had him cause unnecessary property damage merely to have explosions in the film.  It sucked and there were other scenes that they could have had explosions in that would have made more sense and been more dramatic.

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