Theater or Renter: The Love Guru

The Plot / Story: Pitka (Meyers) an American raised outside of his country by gurus devotes his life to helping troubled couples. He returns to the States to get into the self-help business. He uses unorthodox methods to resolve his first challenge which is to settle the romantic troubles of a professional hockey player (Malco) whose wife left him for a rival lover (Timberlake) before the NHL Stanley Cup.

I gave the trailer a 5 out of 5. The trailer clearly conveys the story of the movie. It made me laugh and gave me confidence that this film was able to capture Mike Myers' comedic sense. I found myself thinking about the jokes from the trailer at latter points throughout the day especially the joke about when he saw the inspirational message on the bathroom wall, demonstrating the trailers lasting ability. It also did not become tired, boring or annoying after watching it multiple times.

I think this will be a renter and maybe even an owner site unseen. I really enjoy Mike Myers' jokes and I get the feeling that this film will be full of them. I'm not expecting a moving or compelling story from The Love Guru like we get from Shrek but expect this to be more along the lines of Austin Powers Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery movies. This would probably be a great film to watch after The Happening though, so if you are going to catch The Happening this weekend I would recommend making it into a double feature.

For more information about The Love Guru and to watch the trailer see Theater or Renter: June


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