Theater or Renter: Get Smart

The Plot / Story: Control agent Maxwell Smart (Carrell) is sent on his first mission which is to stop KAOS in their latest plot for world domination. Agent 99 (Hathaway) is sent with him to keep Maxwell Smart out of trouble.

I gave the trailer a 5 out of 5. I laughed at all of the jokes and even found myself quoting them latter in the day just for an additional laugh, a true sign to a trailers enduring quality. All of the characters look appropriate for their roles. The trailer does not get old: Having watched it multiple times I still get excited at an opportunity to watch the trailers again.

I would love to watch this in the theater and may still but I don't foresee having an opportunity to this weekend thus making it a renter. The trailers is entertaining, I love Get Smart the TV show, and the cast is awesome so I have full faith the movie will also be great fun. If I had to choose one movie to watch this weekend it would be between Get Smart and The Guru and I would have to flip a coin pick Get Smart.

For more information about Get Smart & to watch the trailer see Theater or renter: June

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