Theater or Renter: The Incredible Hulk

The Plot / Story: The Incredible Hulk, also known as Hulk 2, is a tale about Bruce Banner the Geneticist and his quest for a cure for a condition that turns him into a raging monster known as the Hulk that lives within him. The military wants to learn how to control the Hulk and use Bruce’s research to create super soldiers. In the end they only create an even more deadly monster known as The Abomination. Even though this is the second in the recent Hulk series they are not ignoring the original nor continuing events put forth in that film.

I gave the trailer a 4 out of 5. It's fairly exciting and I think it will accurately represent the movie but it lacks any romance to it. The trailer shows me Bruce Banner's situation and the government's obsessive desire to have his abilities to make super soldiers. We get to see the Hulk raging and being attacked by the military ... some neat footage. The cool thing is that they gave us a reveal of Abomination and show us a little bit of their face off.

This will be a theater for me because I love the Hulk and the experience of this type of movie will be best on the big screen. I have a lot of reservations over the film. It's yet another origin story... maybe. They are ambiguous about it's relation to the other Hulk movie although they have revealed that it will have more to do with the TV show. I also have concerns with how the Hulk will look. That being said I will have to see over the weekend and let you know.

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Theater or Renter: June 2008


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