"The Incredible Hulk" Feature Video

Image of The Abomination from The Incredible Hulk movie The good people over at Universal and Marvel released a new feature video for The Incredible Hulk movie. We have the video over in the Project: Shadow HQ for you to watch.

Buy your copy of The Incredible Hulk - The Complete First SeasonAfter watching the feature I was more excited about the movie. In it they they discuss how this is a re-envisioning of the Hulk. Although it is a re-envisioning they also really looked to the 80's television series for their inspiration.

In the feature they gave the appearance that they will pick up where the last movie left off with Bruce on the run from the government as he is in search for a cure.

They also talk about the tension device used in this story. Part of it is the standard hulk tension of Banner's desire to get rid of the Hulk and the government's desire to control the Hulk to use as a weapon. In this movie the tension eventually gets manifested when the Hulk has to stop the government's version of the hulk called The Abomination.

This feature got me a little more interested in the movie but I'm still not excited about the look of it. That being said I will let you know my final decision in Junes Theater or Renter feature.

via Show Hype