TalkShoe and RMT


Imagine my rage today when I went to set up today's episode of the Project: Shadow Informant and I saw that a Real Money Transaction Company was advertising on the page.

I have the same affection for RMT venders as I do for proprietors of malware, viruses, spam, and spyware. We spend a lot of time on the show decrying the game ruining laziness of people that use these services.

To make matters worse, they are advertising RMT for Star Wars Galaxies, a game that has been absolutely ruined by these people!

I shot TalkShoe an email about the situation, btu honestly I do not expect them to do anything. They use Google AdSense, and thus have little to know control over the content of their ads.

The problem for me is the debate over what to do now. My knee-jerk reaction is to drop TalkShoe, but I love the live audience interaction, and I do not know of any other site that does audio live netcasting ell that they do. (sigh) I am not happy about this at all.