Iron Monger v Iron Man

300px-Ironmonger_2008filmWith much excitement I watched the last trailer and then realized that maybe we should take a moment to talk about Iron Man's antagonist in the Iron Man movie.

Iron Man will have to face off against Obadiah Stane who will be played by Jeff Bridges. A beautifully detailed article and history of Obadiah can be found over at Marvel. Here is the crib note version.

ironmanimage1a246b9in4pz2Obadiah Stane is a competing business man to Tony Stark and a supervillain. He is obsessed with chess and decides Tony Stark is a worthy opponent to play a life version of the game. He takes over Stark enterprises after many attempts to destabilize the company and buying up the pieces. After acquiring control of Stark Enterprises Obadiah finds a notebook that later gives him information on the battlesuit. Obadiah has a team of scientists build a suit for himself and takes on the persona of Iron Monger and then goes after Iron Man.

The cool thing is from this still and looking at the latest trailer we will get to see Iron Monger and Iron Man go toe to toe.