In-Game Ads in City of Heroes

ingameads_02_after_sm Hmmm, how should I take this?

Double Fusion will provide the technology and sales force to bring brands into the popular online role-playing game which takes place in a modern urban setting, an ideal environment for unobtrusive in-game advertising (Double Fusion).

Well, there are billboards in the game already with fake ads for companies in Paragon City, so they are not adding them in... at least for now, the program is opt-in... and well this will keep me from having to pay more to play the game...

I am really mixed on this. My business side loves this idea. I would love to advertise my books, blog and podcasts to the players of City of Heroes. My player side is ambiguous because I barely notice the fake ads in the game now, so I am not sure that the ads will bother me at all.

If only this were the path to lower fees, but it is not. The goal is to add revenue so they can double their dev team. I am not at all sure that this is a good idea because I don't know how many players will notice the ads, and if they are made noticeable it will detract from the experience of the game.

Ads will probably not make it into the game until June-July.

(via City of Heroes Community Site)