More Young Indiana Jones Available April 29th

Get The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Vol 3 box set from Amazon here The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Vol. 3 box set is available on April 29th!

This is the third season that follows the adventures of a young Indiana Jones. I remember watching and enjoying the series when it was on TV back in the 90's. There are 10 discs in the set including seven episodes and a ton of documentaries.

The plot of the series:

The series was designed as an educational program for children and teenagers, spotlighting historical figures and important events, using the concept of a prequel to the films as a draw. Most episodes feature a standard formula of an elderly (93-year-old) Indiana Jones (played by George Hall) in present day (1993) New York City encountering people who spur him to reminisce and tell stories about his past adventures. These stories would either involve him as a young boy (10, played by Corey Carrier) or as a teenager (16 to 21, played by Sean Patrick Flanery). In one episode, a fifty-year-old Indy (played by Harrison Ford) is seen reminiscing. Initially, the plan was for the series to alternate between the adventures of Indy as a child (Corey Carrier) and as a teenager (Sean Patrick Flanery), but eventually the episodes featuring Flanery's version of the character dominated the series. The series revealed that the elderly Jones has a daughter named Daphne, and a grandson named Spike. (via wikipedia)

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