Knights of the Old Republic Online?

There is a lot of wishful thinking at the heart of the rumors going around.

Now in an interview with Video Gaming 247, Ray Muzyka from Bioware confirmed that they are working on an MMO, and wheels begin to turn:

“I think the idea of emotion and narrative in an online game, combined with the best of breed features in MMOs ...

“And if you combine that with progression, exploration, customization and combat, which are the staples of current MMOs… with another pillar of story, and put it all in a social context, I think you have something that could be an incredibly rich and maybe the most compelling experience ever delivered. That’s our goal.”

The logical question for all of the Knights of the Old Republic fanboys like myself is, "What could be a more compelling than a Knights of the Old Republic MMO?"

I have been craving a new KotOR game for a long time. In fact, that is why I started playing Star Wars Galaxies. I really wanted more Star Wars and hoped Galaxies would fill that need. For a long time it did... until chapter 6 was released. The game became for the most part unplayable. No one wants a new Knights of the Old Republic Online than I do, but these rumors are even less than a whisper and a prayer.

I can only hope that is game is actually coming, and that if not, if we dream openly about it enough, perhaps the stars will align and this game will be made.

I will be keeping my eyes on this and hoping that something more concrete evidence of the games existence.