A look At Appleseed Ex Machina

51yKmGkEMSL._SL210_ Review of: Appleseed Ex Machina

Average Overall Rating: 9.1

Brian: Technical Rating: 9.2

Gut Rating: 9

I really enjoyed watching Appleseed so I had good expectations for this sequel. I was surprised and pleased form the start to see that they dramatically improved the graphic and animation quality. I would definitely recommend owning it. It is a pleasure to watch and I can't wait to see where they are going with the series.

61RY4ycxhYL._SL210_ This is an animated tale, mostly action with mystery woven for suspense. The story follows Deunan who is a young female warrior and her partner / lover Briareos. They are members of an elite police force in charge of protecting a pseudo-utopian city and keeping peace amongst other cities in the post-apocalyptic earth. This tale involves humans, cyborgs, and Bioroids which are mostly machine humanoids that don't have emotions like anger or hate. Problems start to arise as a virus starts to hack both cyborgs and people causing them to blindly follow orders from an unknown source.


  • visually compelling

  • action scenes were compelling and captivating

  • good story with all of the clues included but plot twists were not obvious

  • well voiced and developed characters

  • they really get you to care about the characters and the people in the setting

Dislikes / Concerns

  • the rating of pg-13 may be too light of a rating because it covers a lot of adult themes that teenagers may not be mature enough to handle.

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