Very Best of Coupling

Coupling is a situational comedy that aired on BBC2 from 2000 to 2004. The brilliant writer Steven Moffat put together a story that involves a couple Susan & Steven, their best friends Sally & Jeff, and their ex-es Patrick & Jane. The chemistry and interaction between the six characters is absolutely fabulous. The first three seasons are a must own, in the forth season they had to replace the character Jeff and the show lost some of the magic.

Best Character: Jeff Murdock who has captured a wonderful balance between cute and neurotic, insightful and disturbed is best summed up as...

Best friend to Steve and co-worker to Susan, whom he has dated once. Jeff's constant sexual frustration, ridiculous stories and fantasies about women and sex make up a major part of the comedy. Jeff is terrible at talking to women, often stumbling and unintentionally making up lie upon lie in an attempt to avoid looking stupid. These always backfire on him. He is known for a fondness for the word "breasts", often muttering it during conversations. From tidbits he occasionally lets slip, it appears that his problems can largely be traced back to his eccentric and domineering mother. (via Wikipedia)

Best Episode: "The Girl with Two Breasts" in season one, Jeff is flirted with by an Israeli girl who doesn't speak any English. Writer Steven Moffat really took the show to a new level in this episode where he shows the situation from an English speaking perspective then rewinds and has us see the same situation as if we spoke Israeli and didn't speak any English.

Best Line: From "The Man with Two Legs" in season two.  "I've got the key to the gates of paradise, but I've got too many legs!"

Best Rant: From "Her Best Friend's Bottom" in season two.  Steve finally has an opinion about furniture and goes on the attack against couch pillows showing them to be nothing more than lazy, chubby, pets for couches.

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