Eli Stone - Freedom

images images From the director of Broken Hearts Club (Greg Berlanti) and a writer for Marvel Comics (Marc Guggenheim) comes a crazy wacky comedy / drama / fantasy / musical, I think that is the way to describe it.

I missed the show when it first came out because, I do not watch much on the TV machine. Only after Eli Stone offered a free download of a George Michael video for Faith that I downloaded and watched laughing at the many scenes from this show called Eli Stone, so I went to ABC to check it out.

Jonny Lee Miller (Hackers) is engaging and funny as the eponymous lead. The comparison between Eli and Don Quixote is a good one and it really makes me want to see wear the series is going.

In Freedom (the first episode I have seen), Eli has to help some immigrants made infertile by the pesticides they work with.

All in all, the show is a good mix of drama and comedy, a mix perfected by Ugly Betty (also on ABC & Ugly Betty ). I am really enjoying the show and its message in a bottle approach to adding a moral to the episode. Plus I need to see more Patti. This might be a new addiction. I can see it happening.

check it out at Eli Stone or ABC online.