Eli Stone - Father Figure

images I really am starting to enjoy things that can be described as quirky. I never thought I would ever become fond of a show like this. The new age spirit of the show is fun if superficial. It does kind of bother me that the show is throwing around a word like prophet so loosely.

The use of World War II imagery in this episode was oddly compelling.

The story arcs really take me through emotions that TV usually cannot get out of me. I am particularly interested in the moral dilemmas that Eli has to wrestle with. They are not simple black and white issues. They bring up very tricky issues for which their are no easy answers and the show rejects the feel good schlock that this type of show usually falls into.

The way this episode dealt with the effect of the war on families is tragic and chilling.

I have taking an instant like to this show, and I really feel for Eli's plight.

check it out at Eli Stone or ABC online.