Depressing Digital Dark Crystal

51MSB3G0M1L._SL210_ Behold the new convenience tax! I usually don't talk about pricing, because they tend to change, but as of the time I am writing this post the prices herein are accurate and rage worthy.

The Dark Crystal just came out on The Dark Crystal. At first I was thrilled, and thought I would run out and tell the world that one of the greatest fantasy movies of all time was available for download, but then I saw the price.

The digital download on The Dark Crystal is $9.99, like most of their movies. On, a physical disk is $7.99. Why is the diskless media $2 more. To be fair, the MSRP is $14.94, but how many place sale media at the MSRP.

This is not the first time I have noticed the price of the diskless media costing more than their physical counterpart, which should never happen.

I recommend that you check out the Dark Crystal and enjoy this flick that was far ahead of its time, and support the medium you want for the future, which for me is digital, but the price needs to come down.