Tears for A Young Life

hatecrime190 I did not post when young Larry King's life was snuffed out by hate because I was too full of anger and hate at the causes of his murder, and I did not want to add more hate into the world.

I have been blind for tears every time I pray because unholy words from a book that I hold as sacred played a part in the slaying of this young child. Hate is all we need to know of hell.

No matter what you believe about the nature of the universe, a demon, a devil is responsible for the killing of this boy, and I am not talking about other boy who pulled the trigger. I am talking about the demon that roams our psyche that says it is ok to mock, harass, harm, and kill gay people. This devil is a poison in our national blood stream and it must be banished if we are ever going to live up to our national creed, Justice for All.

Thanks to Ellen, I have found a way through my own hate, but I still have pity. I must find a way to make pity into compassion.

See Ellen's words here.

(thanks Lady Bunny)