Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Miniatures

Here is some really cool looking Star Wars miniatures from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Last fall Wizards of the Coast released a set of 60 Star Wars miniatures that came with game cards containing stats for use in table top games. 16 of those 60 miniatures are from The Force Unleashed. Get your Star Wars Miniatures - The Force Unleashed Huge Packs miniatures [ Here ]

Whether I play the table top game or not I am excited about the game and will definitely get some miniatures for my desk. These four are on the top of my list.


Felucian Warrior on Rancor: A fearsome enemy, the Felucian can regenerate, recovering lost health.


Junk Golem: Kazdan Paratus' bizarre Force-imbued creatures, these massive technobeasts can deliver massive damage with splash attacks of sizable blast radius.

20080222_uggernaut 20080222_atst

Uggernaut: A large Ugnaught assault walker, this thing can unleash a furious assault on enemy units.

Wookiee Hunter AT-ST: Used by the Empire to rustle up Wookiee slaves on Kashyyyk, this huge miniature boasts a net gun attack meant to immobilize the enemy.

(via Star Wars)