Toni Becker Concert Review

I am sorry I didn't get this out sooner. The concert took place on the 22nd. Toni gave me 2 CDs to review and I hoped that I would have the time to review them with the concert, but my time is at a premium, so I worked on the book. I will get the album reviews up soon, but I don't feel that it is fair that I sit on the pics any longer. Her you go:

Toni Becker is a Dove Award Nominated singer/songwriter from Southeast Missouri.

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After a lot of the bands that I have seen at the Wine Rack/Java Stop, it is refreshing to see someone come in with nothing but a stool, a guitar, and a microphone. The intimate nature of the setting, mixed with the great acoustics in here should make for an interesting show to say the least.

The light touch of her fingers on the strings and her rich yet somehow innocent voice resounds in the room. There is a joy and a life in her music that I have rarely heard. Even in a room full of people, she manages to make you feel like she is singing just to you.

Her husband Brian joined her to sing. There is something magical about a husband and wife singing together. A part of there love floats on each word.

I lost my objectivity when she began singing Landslide. This is probably my favorite song of all time. While her voice has a warmth to it that Stevie Nicks' doesn't, it added to the song, rather than taking away from it.

She has sincerity about her that connected with me. Her voice had a familiar quality, like I had heard it somewhere before, but I am not sure where.

Her cover of These Dreams reminded me of the one on the "The Road Home" by Heart. A great concert, if you get a chance to see her, go check her out.


"Storybook" (Toni Becker)

"Thin Blue in Between" (Toni Becker)

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