What Is Wrong With ABC?

01Loretta Devine revealed some concerns about the fate of next seasons Eli Stone at the 39th Annual NAACP Awards.

"I'm having fun and I hope viewers are too, but we don't know yet if we're going to get picked up,"

We need to unite and write to ABC and tell them about how much we are enjoying their "Eli Stone" Series. Apparently these studios are still not getting it. They are concerned about their appointment television all the while ignoring the growing web audience.

I hate it when these studios doom shows by putting them in a time slot that is not conducive with the target audience and then complain about having low ratings. If they would get off their lethargic posterior and include the web viewing's into their ratings and give the show some time to build their audiences then I think they would be pleasantly surprised.

Let us once again speak up! Here is a link to ABC's Contact page where we can let them know we love the show, watch it online and actively support their online advertisers!

(via Ventura County Star)