V: The Second Generation Flick?

413U8WWdLoL._SL210_ Kenneth Johnson, creator of the cult 1983 SF miniseries V, told SCI FI Wire that he hopes to develop a new movie based on his sequel novel V: The Second Generation.

I loved V when it was originally on TV and have watched it off and on since. Having said that, I do not have enough love for the series to read the books. I have no idea if this is a good book or not... but I do think it is a good idea.

V would be an amazing series with modern FX and film styles. It does worry me what the show might look like if it is taken more seriously. The campiness of the original series is part of what endears the series to me. This is a real "I Love the 80s" kind of show. It will be interesting to see if this goes forward.

(via Scifi Wire)