Lucas Takes Clone Troopers To Convention

20080317_2_sm You got to love the irony of George Lucas showing up at a convention with a unit of clone troopers. His past love / hate relationship with conventions makes it easy to see him as an imperial governor with all of those clone troopers surrounding him, lol.

That being said, I really wished I could have been there for ShowWest 2008. George Lucas spoke about the next generation of Star Wars Fans and answered some questions on the up and coming Clone Wars TV Series project.

He said that the majority of The Clone Wars would be rated at the "sort of high end of PG" with moments that would flip over into PG-13. This is relieving, I feel we really need media content to allow the public to address troops in a war time situation but so many of the other movie projects on this topic go for the R ratting and become so grotesque that they distract from really looking at the true issues.

The Clone Wars series is episodic but not so knit together that a viewer would get lost if they didn't watch from the beginning.

This is an old-fashioned episodic show. We looked at it on the big screen and it looked so beautiful and great that we said, "Gee, we can make a feature just like this." So we did and got all the people, got all the stuff and said, "Let's make a feature." So we did.

(via Star Wars)