Indiana Jones' Crystal Skulls On Sci-Fi

The Sci-Fi Channel will air a special on May 18th at 9pm titled Mystery of the Crystal Skulls with Lester Holt. In this special they will look into the real mystery and mythology surrounding the crystal skull. indianjonesfullposter

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls follows Lester as he searches for the real story of the 13 quartz crystal human skulls. Ancient artifacts of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, the skulls are rumored to unleash “untold energy” and reveal secrets of mankind’s survival.

Although I think that the show will be brilliant and having additional information about he crystal skulls will add to the experience of the new Indiana Jones movie. I doubt that knowledge will aid in revealing any of the plot points in the movie. George Lucas already disclosed in an earlier interview that he will side with the skulls origins being that of either alien or Earth monster, borrowing from 40's - 50's monster B movies for the inspiration.

This sounds like it could be a really neat show. I loved it when the History Channel would put on shows that would look into the real historical events when associated to a popular movie. I hope that they don't shy away from the mythology and the mystery going for a more Beyond Bizarre type format or Ghost Hunter format for the show since it will be on Sci-Fi channel instead of on the History Channel.

(via Blend Television)