Filming Noah's Arc Movie

51DFVgDppiL._SL210_ In Canada filming the Noah’s Arc Movie woohoo. Glad to be doing it and glad to be here (Christian)!

They have gathered in Nova Scotia to film the first Noah's Arc movie. The setting may not be ideal:

Cell phone service is spotty, let alone internet - I’m using one of my cast mate’s computer’s to type this... message to the outside world. If you don’t hear from me, it’s because (a) we’re shooting a movie and I’m freezing my nuts off on the deck of a house trying to act with a mouth full of icy wind. (b) I ain’t got no access or (c) the serial killer in the next farm house has decided to make a boy suit out of my skin (Doug)

I cannot wait to find out what happened with Wade. This flick cannot come out fast enough.