Return of the Quidditch

180px-Grint.weaseley.OotP2 I'm even more excited about the next Harry Potter movie. I really miss seeing the Quidditch matches on the big screen. Admittedly those scenes needed to be cut from the more recent films so that the story could fit into the shorter film format. That being said I love watching those scenes in The Sorcerer's Stone and The Chamber of Secrets.

Does this mean that Quidditch will be back? I hope so. The Sun talked with Rupert Grint who revealed how his bottom hurt from sitting on a broom stick for hours. Hopefully that means that they were shooting Quidditch scenes and we all get to sing Weasley is King!

Speaking backstage at the festival in Wembley, Rupe added: ..."We’ll be finished filming in a few months. Then we’ll be making the final ever one. I think I’ll miss it."