Hunting Ghosts at Fort Miflin and the Frankenstein Castle

Logo05200 Ghost hunts are really fun to watch, especially when they catch something on film and tape.


While Jason and Grant were at Fort Miflin in Philadelphia, PA, the GH encountered many Paranormal things. (see it in the Project: Shadow HQ)

I have experienced something similar to the face Grant saw once a while checking out Civil War battle fields at night. I know that shock. But the image of the man cooking at the wood stove, and the vaporous footsteps on the thermal cam still gives me chills.

The voices at the Frankenstein Castle (see it in the P:S HQ) creep me out. I really don't know that else to say about them. The events at the Frankenstein Castle made the hairs on my neck stand up because they were able to get on tape so many of the common paranormal phenomena that so many of us experience. This was a great episode with a crossover from Destination Truth.