Ace Frehley Record & Tragedy

ace Ace Frehley is in the studio putting the finishing touches on his first solo album since 1990.

"Basically, I'm trying to get back into the mindset I was in when I did my first solo record [1978's 'Ace Frehley'] (Blabbermouth 1),"

I have not heard such exciting news. His Kiss Solo Album is one of my favorites of all time. Since he left kiss, Ace also left Hard Rock/Metal and recorded several Rock albums. The best of these albums, Frehley's Comet and Trouble Walking shown brightest with the instrumental tracks Fractured Mirror Too and 3 witch continued the theme from his original solo work.

“This Album Is Going To Be Heavier Than Those FREHLEY’S COMET Records (BW&BK)”

The album is set for release in April and will be accompanied by a world tour.

With that good news, our thoughts and prayers go out Ace and his family. His mother Esther Frehley just passed away (Blabbermouth 2). I hope that Ace finds solace in his friends, family and fans and remembers his own words:

When I think of how my life was spared
From that near fatal wreck
If the Devil wants to play his card game now
He's gonna have to play without an Ace in his deck!!

Be strong Ace. We are all here for you.