Torchwood Season 1 Review Disk 1

Review of Torchwood season one disk one.


The first disk came with two episodes "Everything Changes" and "Day One".

"Everything Changes" is the pilot episode where we are introduced to the setting, special opps group Torchwood, and that strange things happen in Cardiff because of it's location in space and time.

"Day One" is about the value of keeping in touch with one's humanity. They address how important it is to have down time from work where an individual can get back in touch with life.

Overall Torchwood disk one was a very enjoyable experience, definitely an owner.


  • Jack is cute

  • They tackle sexuality: they do it in a mature and brilliant way where they just show people as people with out dwelling on labels or having a person go through a crisis for kissing some one of the same sex. They actually go so far at to mock the individuals that see the need to label people as hetero or homo.

  • The show has a good tempo and pacing

  • The plot twists are not obvious: I found it refreshing that I was not able to just guess how the rest of the episode would go 10 minutes in.

  • They set up the mystery for the episodes, leaving clues that are not obvious but are sufficient for the viewer to solve the puzzle.

  • They really built the suspense, creating expectations, and then taking the viewer in a different direction.

  • the show has a wonderful sense of humor: Jack and the torchwood team kept their sense of humor even though their work was dark. I found this to be quite delightful and it kept the show from being dark and depressing. The moments of humor was well placed and did not detract from the drama and suspense that was being built.


  • Jack is very nihilistic and apathetic: though it looks like this will be an area of growth for him since by the end of the second episode it appears to me that he has realized he has lost this and value's Gwen because she has this passion for life.

  • The show takes a kind of nihilistic perspective: The Torchwood team members all show a lack of humanity and compassion for life. I found that to be unpleasant but I think they are building on this aspect through the character of Gwen and I will have to watch how this plays out through the rest of season one