Extending your Last.fm experience

lastfm Last.fm has to be my favorite site on the net. There is something about the way it parses out my listening habits, allowing me to see what my actual favorites are. Even better is the music discovery system they have that allows you to find new music that you will love.

Now there are ways to extend your Last.fm beyond the metrics they have made available. Build.Last.fm. There are solutions for your desktop, the web, and your social networks.

Using these tools, I have learned that I have an AEP of 3.34, which means that my music taste is fairly diverse, and that my recent tracks are 93.6% underground and 2% mainstream.

I will not dwell on all of the fun metrics that I have been playing with this morning. If you are interested in looking at your own musical tastes through new and interesting lenses, then check out Build.Last.fm.

(thanks Mike via del.icio.us)