Green Lantern Flick in the Works

Green LanternMichael Green, who previously wrote for Smallville and Heroes, is currently working on a script for a new Green Lantern flick.

"I'm co-writing it with Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim, the best people you could hope to get stuck in a room with for any length of time," [Michael] Green said. "As for status, we're writing it now and having way too much fun doing it."

Superhero flix reports that the movie will be about Hal Jordan and not Kyle Rayner or John Stewart. There is also an assumption that this script is for a live action film and not an OVA. I can see a cool trilogy:

  1. Hal Jordan the Hero: Green Lantern saves the day

  2. Hal Jordan as Parallax: Hal possessed by the parasitic Parallax threatens the galaxy.

  3. Hal Jordan as the Spectre: Hal seeks redemption.

I think this could be a compelling series, but I am not holding my breath to see it.